Awaking the Christ Consciousness


Awakening Christ Consciousness is an application of a powerful interdisciplinary understanding of a technology of creativity interlinked through a common set of information to create health, wealth, inner satisfaction or whatever we desire to create

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What is Awaking the Christ Consciousness

Awakening Christ Consciousness is a suggested way as to how one can go about accessing and experiencing the Christ Consciousness and what one may face from a creativity perspective if they chose to undertake such a journey. The way provided here is based on an exploration into our creativity, the creative/creation process, the nature of any creative endeavor and the lessons learned from stumbling into what can be called Shams Consciousness.

The interest - why a discussion about awakening the Christ Consciousness

For centuries many individuals have been asking for the Consciousness within Christ or as aspect of this Consciousness to return to or be present in humanity. Or, many have sought to understand what Christ understood and/or access an aspect of Christís understanding in order to become like Him. They look to His reported love, compassion, wisdom, and the like in order to make their life and/or the lives of others better if not less painful and burdensome. Some even seek to be able to follow in His footsteps.


Although some seem to achieve such goals, many find achieving such goals as illusive. This material is provided for those who may seek to know and experience the Christ Consciousness and are puzzled as to why they are having difficulty seeking or obtaining such an awareness or even question if they have found it.


The concept and the possibility of awakening the awareness of another within ourselves was not something of interest or even considered as possible until the author stumbled into an awareness called the Shams Consciousness. In this experience the author came to understanding it is possible to awaken to the awareness of another. The proof of whether or not such an awareness is access how the individualsí life changes to live that awareness. The topic, "Accessing the consciousness of another," talks deeper to this issue


Although we do not realize it, we awaken to the awareness to that of another all the time. If we think about it, our whole education system is designed to awaken the studentís awareness to that provided by the teacher. Whether that awareness is about how to split the atom or how to have a certain type and kind of mystical experiences, individuals have been trying to awaken to the awareness of others through out humanity. The question really is, "How can one awaken to the awareness of another if they have never met the other and/or come into contact with what that individual does with the awareness they have?"

The answer to this question lies in the actions of the individual. Within the creativity perspective and the equivalency of energy consciousness, our inner world is reflected in the outer. This means to truly awaken to the awareness of another, our life will become different. Our actions in some way will become more in alignment with what the individual did who first awakened to the awareness we access. For those situations where we have never experienced an individual or the awareness they may have possess, the proof of whether or not we accessed the awareness they possessed is whether or not our life reflect the type and kind of actions they performed.

Relative to accessing the awareness of any individual for which we only have historical and/or myths and stories, there is an issue we face. The issue is, "Does what we think the individual did truly reflective of what they actually did or does what we think the individual did only a story or metaphoric and pedagogical device?" Here we face the issue of what we think and believe as opposed to the truth of what is.

An example of this is reflected in setting an intention to become unconditional love as discussed in the discussion topic, "A foolish thing" The intention was set was based on an understanding as to what the author thought was unconditional love only to come to find out it was something entirely different than what was expected.

What Christ Consciousness is and isnít

Christ Consciousness is the awareness within onesí being such that one would be willing to do what Christ is reported to have done. How and what you believe about what Christ is reported to have done is your choice and nothing is said about it. For reasons state above and discussed in the topic, "Accessing the consciousness of another," nothing is said about exactly what the awareness of the Christ Consciousness is and /or exactly what you will become aware and/or experience if you access it. Rather, you are free to find that out for yourself and to see if what you think and believe is reflected in the truth of what is. What is discussed here is how one can go about accessing that awareness and what one can expect to face from a creativity perspective if they so chose to awaken the Christ Consciousness within themselves.

An issue of the Mind of God

Some would say that Christ was God here on Earth so it is impossible for a human being to access the Christ Consciousness for that would be to access the Mind of God. If we believe most of the worlds existing religious and spirit traditions, this would be in fact true. A human mind cannot access the Mind of God.

However, there is an alternative view to Creation and what it means to be a human being. If we look at the implications of Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective, it is possible to see how we each are an aspect of the Consciousness within, or behind, Creation and within each of us is the whole of Creation and our awareness is holographic. That is, as a hologram, each piece contains the whole and the larger the piece of the original hologram, the greater the clarity of the whole. Within this view, it is also possible to see how we can access any aspect or all of Creation from within our nonconscious mind. To access the awareness of any one aspect of Creation, in this case the Christ Consciousness, we simply need to shift our focus of our attention and awareness to make certain aspects of our nonconscious mind conscious. Of course, because our inner world is reflected in the outer, in changing our inner awareness we can expect our external world to become different. Whether or not you think this is possible all depends on what you think and believe. The recommendations here is to do your own experience to see if what is said here is true.

The principle lesson learned from accessing Shams Consciousness

The principle lesson learned from accessing what is called the Shams Consciousness is the way we can create through strong held nonconscious intentions, desires, feelings and the like, especially for finding answers to deeply held questions.

Christ is reported to have said, "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be open to you." So, many take Christ at His word and ask for what they want in the way they think they need or should ask. Yet, many are disappointed when they ask because they do not get that for which they ask or seek. Many metaphorically knock at the door in the way they understanding knocking but do not get what they desire. The question which arises is, "Is Christ correct and we donít understand His words, or He is correct and we donít ask in the correct way, or is He wrong?" Why donít we get that for which we ask and seek? Why does the door not open when we knock?

At a shallow level we would have to say Christ is incorrect or somehow inaccurate. Individuals ask for a variety of things and experiences all the time but never get that for which they ask or seek. But it has been observed in the exploration of our creativity, there is a truth to these words if (1) we remained focused on that for which we ask and seek and (2) what we say we seek is fully consistent with what we desire at the depth of our being and (3) we have a deep feeling for what we desire. Otherwise, in asking, we will only create a separation within our being. What has been observed and only revealed itself in the experiences around accessing the Shams Consciousness is that we will get that for which we ask and seek if the above three conditions are met.

One condition we need to meet is that we continually desire what we seek and remained focused. That is, we never lost the desire and passion to obtain that for which we ask. It is to hold a single point focus for what we desire to create. Exactly what holding a single point focus means is discussed in the topic, "Never losing focus." But, in essence, it means the desire for what we seek never goes away regardless of what happens in our life and how our life changes.

The second condition is that which lies behind, or is motivating, our request is consist with, and arises from, the depth of our being. This means that if we pull the string on the request we make or on what we seek, we will find that we end up at the core of our being. We may go through a long chain of questions asking, "Why this particular answer and not something else," for each and every answer we get when we pull the string. But, in the end, the chain of question leads to something that lies at the essence of who we are and what we truly desire to experience in life.

Something that arises from the core of our being is something that if unfulfilled leaves us feeling as though there is something missing to the life we live. Whether it be something we need to do in and with our life or something we seek in life, if unfulfilled, we experience an incompleteness in some way.

The third condition is that of have a deep feeling for what we desire. It needs to be remembered and understood that creative power lies in feelings. There needs to be a flow of energy to create any experience. We experience the flow of energy as feelings and passion. Unless there is a feeling at some level of our being that continually fuels our seeking, the energy will not be present to manifest what we desire and seek.

Often we ask or seek things with little passion. But there is a shallowness in what we ask. That is there are no strong lasting feelings which go with what we desire and seek. A strong lasting feeling causes us to never lose focus. It does not matter how much the external world causes us to become distracted and our attention and awareness to be diverted. The feeling we have for what we seek continually pushes us back to the journey to get what we seek.

Similarly, it does not matter what we experience and/or how our thinking and beliefs change, we still have the same passion for what we originally desired. What many do not realize, much of what we desire and want comes from our mind rather than our heart and the essence of or being. When we have new experiences and/or what we think and believe changes, our mind changes and our desire vanishes. We no longer want what we first wanted. However, something that arises from desire which has a deep feeling will not go away as our life changes and/or we change what we think and believe.

This kind of desire and feeling is what gave rise to accessing the awareness which has been called the Shams Consciousness. That is, there was the desire to know, "What could an individual possibly come to understand about life, Creation, God or whatever, that an individual would be willing to give their life to share it a single person?" That desire never went away over time. It was persistent. Although there was no conscious focus on creating it or accessing such an awareness, nor was there the consideration it was even possible to know to know such an awareness, the desire to know persisted. In the end, over time, such an awareness was accessed.

It needs to be understood, there is much we seek in life that is totally the result of the programming we have and/or particular types and kinds of experiences we had. When the programming changes or we have new experiences that over ride past experiences, the desires we have change. We experience incompleteness or lack of fulfillment in these desires being met. In fact, often when these desires are met, we feel unsatisfied. However, something that arises from the core of our being is different. Seeking and fulfilling these desires lead to an inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in our world. Satisfying these deep feelings and desire which arise from the core of our being persist as an  undercurrent in our life until they are properly satisfied.

It has been observed that when we seek or ask for something that arises from the core of our being, our request will be honored by Creation. We will get what we seek and/or that for which we ask. However, it is not something which we obtain based on the time table of our mind and its expectations. Nor do we necessarily recognize we get that for which we asked for mind biases what we experience even the fulfillment of our own desires.

Physical Creation is a place of growth and unfoldment. It is about creating a seed condition or planting seeds and those seeds growing to bear fruit. When we make our request and hold that request within our being, it will act as a seed. It will germinate and grow, bearing the answer we seek in time. If our mind is unaware of the true request we ask, it will never realize we get that for which we ask. It needs to be understood, mind only knows what it has experienced. If we do not really know or understand that for which we ask or seek, we will not recognize it what we get it. The classic example of this is an individual seeks what their mind sees as a mate or partner in life to find fulfillment in, and with, life. But, they never realize what they seek actually lies within themselves and not an external partner. Unless they find an inner satisfaction they will never find satisfaction in anything externally.

Although the author can provide a variety of examples of where this occurred routinely in his own life, it was only realized in stumbling into the Shams Consciousness and understood in hindsight. Quite simply, most do not see the reality of the words "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be open to you." because we do not get what we ask for and seek in the way our mind expects to receive them. Or, we are unaware that our request is shallow and only a passing desire of mind such that we never hold the necessary single point focus at the depth of our being and never lose focus to get what we seek.

To use these words of Christ in our life we need to learn to embrace our own inherent creativity and learn to trust the creative process to deliver that for which we ask and seek. But we need to feel what we seek and ask for at the depth of our being. The issue here is to realize mind only knows the past and we need to create what we do not have. If our mind knew how to get it, we would already have it and would not be asking for it or seeking it. In this regard, mind will be of limited value in getting what we seek. We need to learn to feel what we desire. Here we need to learn to step out of mind and accessing the feeling for what we desire and hold an unwavering single point focus for what we desire at the depth of our being acting on the intuitive guidance we receive for how we move to manifest our desire. Calibrating our internal compass and learning to navigate from the heart are the first steps in this process.

Setting the intention to access and awaken the Christ Consciousness

As discussed in the topic, "Accessing the consciousness of another" to access and awaken the Christ Consciousness within our being we will need to set an intention which will go into the depth of our being and use the non localized aspects of our consciousness which lies within our nonconscious mind As such, trying to set such an intention based on what mind wants will never achieve what we desire. We need to remember, mind is the product of the experiences we have and what we think and believe. As our experiences change and/or we change what we think and believe our mind becomes different. Unless what we seek lies below the ever changing desires of mind, we will simply divert our attention and awareness away from what we set out to experience.

If the desire to access and awaken the Christ Consciousness does not go to the core of our being, we will not access it. We may access aspects of it which align with the core of our being and the intention for our life for what we incarnated to experience in, and with, our life. But we will be unable to experience the Christ Consciousness. It is not that an experience of it is denied us. Rather we must create the proper vehicle and space to experience it. If the priorities for our life are different than what the Christ Consciousness is all about, there will be a conflict between what we desire to create and what we incarnated to do.

There is an assumption by many that the awareness and consciousness of Christ as many other similar spiritual teachers is something that would be desired by all if it was understood. However, that is not the case. Creation has Its desires and wants and, at any giving moment in time, the Christ Consciousness may not what Creation desires to be experienced. Additionally we each have our own reason for being incarnate. What we are here to do is not necessarily aided by awakening the Christ consciousness within. Maybe hard to believe but nevertheless true.

It needs to be remember we each are a unique aspect of the infinite consciousness within, or behind, Creation and our inner world is reflected in the outer. What we access within will change that which we experience without. If we change our consciousness within, we will change the external world we experience. How our external experience changes and how the external world changes depends on what we access. We each have different reason for being here. We can copy and mimic any aspect of Creation. However, everyone is not here to be a Christ or do what Christ did. We are here to be true to our truth and fulfill the intention for our life. There are gifts we incarnated to give. Unless we live our truth, they will not be revealed. If we do not live true to ourselves we deny the Creator whomever we believe the Creator to be.

Some challenges and issues in awakening the Christ Consciousness

In attempting to access and awaken the Christ Consciousness within our being or an aspect of Consciousness, there are a variety of challenges and issues which will occur that will cause us to lose focus and/or not obtain what we seek. These challenges and issue are really no different than what we face in any creative endeavor and especially if our creative endeavor is to access the awareness of another.

The issue of ego: More often than not, even though we have problems in life with our ego, our ego likes the identity it has and does not seek to change. Many of our desires and intentions are ego based. But when those desires and intentions require the ego to change, we will find some reason or another to abandon the desire of the ego so as to keep the ego intact. So too with seeking to awaken the Christ Consciousness or any portion of it within our being. It sounds like a great idea until we see the change it requires in our life. Few ever consciously follow through in awakening the consciousness of another and surrendering to what it requires. What keeps us in pursuit of any intention and desire is one that will sooth an inner feeling that goes beyond what mind wants. Few have such a deep feeling about awakening the Christ Consciousness.

What we think Christ Consciousness is: Many have an opinion as to what they think Christ Consciousness is and/or what it will require of our life. Whether or not it is correct isnít really the issue. The issue is mind has its expectations and those expectations will interfere with accessing the Christ Consciousness. To awaken and experience the consciousness of any other we will have to be willing to be in a beginner's mind and be in a state of childlike play to spontaneously and innocently explore the awareness which awakens. Otherwise, mind is present with it judgments, biases, desires and the like thwarting the very thing we say we desire to experience. This does not mean it cannot be done. It only means we need to be willing to step out of mind and surrender to the flow of energy manifesting the intention we have set.

What we fear Christ Consciousness is: Many fear they will become what Christ became - a human sacrifice. One of the greatest challenges in awakening the Christ Consciousness is what our mind thinks will happen to us. For many of us, the Christ story is to be crucified for living and being our truth given our message to the world. A part of our being believes that if we truly accessed and lived the awareness of Christ we will be crucified. To say that Christ is God incarnate is one way our mind protects itself from accessing the Christ Consciousness. Obviously a human cannot do what God can do so we have no need to fear we will have to sacrifice our life like Christ. But then, believing Christ was God does not allow to access the Christ Consciousness. However, if Christ was a human who accessed His Divinity while in physical form, then what He did is entirely possible for each of us. That then again raises the fear we will be crucified. in some way if we access the Divinity within. The topic, "Dealing with fear" provides some thoughts in this area.

A death to be faced - we will become different: Whether we realize it or not, our inner world is reflected in the outer. We cannot have a awareness awake within us as profound as the Christ Consciousness and not become different. We canít remain in our current mind with such an awareness. As such, there will be a death to be faced. A part of our inner world and our outer world will have to transform to accommodate this new awareness.

To access any awareness a part of who we are must die. Who and what we think we are is based on the experiences we have has. To access a new awareness is a new experience. That experience changes who and what we are and to live that awareness we must become different. In doing so, a part of us dies to be transformed into the new.

Awakening any awareness within our being that is currently not awake is ultimately about learning to become phoenix and stepping through the fear of death. It is to understand our energy and consciousness will never die but only transform into a new and different form. To awaken the Christ Consciousness within us, we do not have to physically die. To awaken the Christ Consciousness is to die before we die. We must face the death as to who we are, what we want and what we expect in our life.

The death is required as part of the creation process. If we are unwilling to undergo the death we must face, we will be unable to create what we desire. Exactly what we will face and how be a death it means for our life totally depends on how different our current awareness is as opposed to the awareness available in the Christ Consciousness. The greater the difference the greater the change that can be expected.

A potential inner conflict: Each of us need to realized we incarnated for a given intention. There is an intention for our life and there is something were are here to experience. The Christ Consciousness is not our consciousness. Trying to access it is about attempting to copy another. Creatively, we should be true to ourselves and become the embodiment of our truth in the world. In doing so, we create an inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in our external world. Additionally, we honor the creator/Creator whomever/Whomever that creator/Creator may be. To deny our truth in any way and/or to not live our truth but try and live like another is to deny ourselves and the creator/Creator. Christ existed for a given time and a given place and played the role He incarnated to play. We exist at a given time and given place for a role to be played. Here again the more our role parallels the Christ Consciousness as it would be expressed in this given time and given place, the less conflict we will have. The greater the divergence the greater the conflict.

The recommendation made here is to honor yourself and the Creator and become true to yourself. You can access the Christ Consciousness for information purposes or out of curiosity. But we do more for Creation by simply becoming true to ourselves in all ways and living it in the world. Of course, that will mean we do need to shed our enculturation and all that does not server our truth at the deepest levels of being. How to do this starts by calibrating our internal compass and looking to see what gives us a fullness of being, gives us life and a desire and passion to engage life. After all, the intention for our life brought us into this world. Living that intention will give us life and allow us to feel alive at each and every level of our being.

The environment of unfoldment: Many are unaware the unfoldment of any creation depends on the environment of the unfoldment. The same creation unfolding in different locations can be quite different. The consciousness of anyone and any thing will unfold differently given a different set of circumstances. The essence will be the same but the unfoldment will be different. One can probably be assured a talented artistic painter or musician born, raised, educated enculturated in a rural Chinese farm in 500 AD will paint or play music quite differently than if they were born, raised and came to age during the Roaring Twenties in New York City. The two worlds are quite different. Yet the unfolding talent would be the same. How many artist, musicians and the like move to other parts of their country or move from the world from which they were raised to find better opportunities to express themselves? We cannot expect what the Christ Consciousness would do two thousand years ago would be exactly the same to day. The essence will be the same but exactly what is done will be different. Here again, one will need a beginner's mind to fully embrace the awakening the Christ Consciousness.

The awareness of what another feels: In the oneness of Creation we are all connected. It can be said that what does not allow us to see through the eyes of another is pain. That is, pain is what keeps us separate. To see through the eyes of another in oneness, we must face both our pain to access the interconnectedness and then the pain of the other to see through their eyes and their uniqueness. This fact is reflected in the old Native American proverb that we should walk a mile in the moccasin of another before we judge them. However, to see through the eyes of another is not the same as having the awareness of another.

An awareness of one is given to another all the time in our education system. Although we do not have the pain of another as seeing through their eyes when we have their awareness, we do become open to what they feel as a result of that awareness. To be unaware that hitting someone physically can cause them pain will not stop us from hitting someone. However to come to the awareness that hitting someone does cause pain, we now become open to seeing all the people that experience the pain of being hit. We never need hit anyone to be open to feeling the pain hitting someone causes. When we are open to the awareness of another we are also open to seeing and perceive Creation differently because of that awareness. We will now become aware of situations in life and the implications of those situations that were previously masked by unawareness. In this regard, be open to the awareness of another helps to open the door to compassion.

It awakening the Christ Consciousness within us, we will become aware of Creation in a new and different way. One of the ways the Christ Consciousness is described is as a sacred heart surrounded by a crown of piercing thorns. Many are repulsed by such an image. However, it needs to be realized that Christ was so aware of the pain of humanity that He was willing to be crucified to help alleviate that suffering and pain. In awakening the Christ Consciousness one can expect to see the world and the pain and suffering in the world in a different way. The awareness of the depth and breadth of pain and suffering we cause each other and ourselves may simple be too much for most to be willing to face. The unwillingness to face whatever to which we become open will thwart our ability to awaken the Christ Consciousness within. But what does need to be realized, in any pain we face, we can stay with the pain and/or attempt to numb it or suppress it in some way. Or, we can use it to catalyze and fuel our actions to change the world we experience. We can turn the pain we experience into the fuel to catalyze our actions by taking the pain into our heart and asking "what do I need to do, how do I need to live my life such that this pain is no longer needed?" We then need to honor the insights we receive. The choice is ours to make.

A gentle phoenix for awakening the Christ Consciousness

Any creative endeavor requires a sacrifice and an experience of the chaos of creation. Sacrifice and chaos are part of the creative process. The sacrifice of creation is often experienced as a death accompanied by pain. Although there are things that do need to be faced in any creative endeavor which can give rise to pain, it is possible to create a gentle phoenix for any creative endeavor we wish to undertake. In this regard, we can create a gentle phoenix to awaken the Christ Consciousness within our being.

To create that gentle phoenix we need to be willing to become the embodiment of the principles as to how  our inner world is reflected in the outer world. We need to see how what we think and believe is creating the experiences we have. That is, the pain we experience within our being is reflective of how our consciousness is not free to transform itself to become the seed for the new experience we desire to have.

To create a gentle phoenix, we need to give ourselves permission and the safe and secure space within our own being to enter our creative imagination  and explore options. If we do not have the freedom within our own being to explore options, we will never find the freedom in our external world to do what we need to do to create that gentle phoenix. In particular, we need to look to see where we do and do not hold our own creativity sacred and move to create that space and way of being were we do hold it sacred. In doing so, we will have the inspiration and understanding to make any creative endeavor as fast, easy and gentle as possible. However, we do need to remember as discussed in the topic, "Growing our creation" is that Physical Creation is a place of unfoldment and we need to grow our creation.

If you are interested in awakening the Christ Consciousness

The recommendation could be made to explore the information which gave rise to the understanding of how it is possible we can access the awareness of another and follow the path of the author. Although that may be helpful, it is not the recommended path.

The recommendation is to realize several things. One is to realize that you are a unique creation. How and what you need to do to create anything is unique to you. You may use the same principles as another, but how you do it will be unique to yourself. The second thing is that your mind only knows the past. To create anything is to be outside of where mind has gone so mind will be unable to lead you. What you need to do will not necessarily look like anything your mind thinks. Nor what you will ultimately experience necessarily look like what you think it should look like. Only in hindsight will you see how your desire has manifested.

With these two realizations, it is then recommend that you set the intention in whatever way you feel appropriate such that you can feel the passion to experience what you desire. Then, trust the creative process that you will be given what you seek. You only need to follow the intuitive guidance and body wisdom which arise. How long it will take to get what we seek and in what form it will come cannot be known by our mind. In this regard, whether or not we would recognized what we seek when we get it for the time and place in which we find ourselves when we get it is another question. We may find as the author, only in hindsight do we realize we received what we asked for even if what we thought was a rhetorical questions asked of Creation.

The question is, "Whether or not we hold what we desire to create at a deep enough level that we never lose focus?" If we do, we will manifest what we desire regardless of how often we seem to be diverted from our intention. The discussion, "Five requirements to manifest an intention or desire," provides some additional thought and considerations about creating what we desire.

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